Letter From our Chairman – October 19th, 2011

Time to exchange the paper gifts – this month marks my first year anniversary as Chairman of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. Alluding to my last letter, it has been a wonderful partnership filled with mutual accomplishment and growth. I look forward to not only forging ahead with ongoing successful programs and new initiatives during the second part of my term, but also ensuring the health of the Miami Beach Chamber well beyond. Part of being a good leader, and perhaps the most overlooked, is creating and polishing a succession plan. The Board of Governors of the Miami Beach have made the important decision, and I am so pleased to pass the torch next year to Chairman Elect Alan Lips.

Yet another amazing friend I have come to know through the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, Alan’s commitment to the organization is evident. For more than 14 years, he has provided invaluable financial guidance as an Executive Board Member and Treasurer. In his augmented leadership role, he plans to continue with growth strategies, particularly via membership. However, one if his greatest initiatives is to burn the mortgage to free up monies to allocate towards the Chamber membership. With his distinguished accounting background and community mindfulness, I have no doubt he will realize his vision.

Alan and I will be working closely together for the next year to ensure a seamless transition. He will provide fresh perspectives as we fulfill new projects and co-strategize for what lies ahead. However, I can’t emphasize enough how much we welcome your input on what is important to you as a businessperson and resident. Alan and our leadership styles may vary, but we’re equally committed to a legacy of organizational and individual development by providing our members with the maximum, impacting opportunities needed to thrive.

At your service,
Jason Loeb