Letter from the Chairman-December 14, 2011

When conducting business, Miami Beach certainly gives us a lot to work with. We have incredible diversity, booming tourism and great minds, all anchored by our famous sun, fun and sand. But now it’s time for the Chamber to get cultured. I’m excited to report that we have added an arts & culture committee to promote and enhance our artistic offerings even further.

This new committee is a natural and important expansion in positioning Miami Beach as a truly well-rounded destination. For decades, the world’s most influential artists have sought out the city to serve as the backdrop in which to pursue their projects. The very development of Miami Beach is rooted in art with its unique Art Deco skyline. Today, we’re coming off our tenth year of Art Basel Miami Beach; the New World Symphony moved into a breathtaking new home; and our museums, dance companies, music groups and individual artists are capturing international attention.

The economic forces of these arts programs are huge and every business can benefit in some way. The Arts & Culture Committee will not only seek out new opportunities to bring in additional artistic programs, people and initiatives, but also to connect companies to the movement. Leading the group is the ultimate trifecta: Brian Schriner, Dean of the College of Architecture + The Arts at Florida International University; Judy Holm, founder of Aspirations public relations and marketing firm and master in promoting the arts; and Alan Randolph, Senior Vice President of City National Bank, who has experience banking the film, fashion and entertainment industries. Each of these arts advocates have already contributed so much the sector – and their combined passion and extensive contact lists promise to be an even greater force in evolving our arts scene to an arts capital. I encourage my fellow Chamber members to join this budding committee in support of creating a beautiful and refined community of deep cultural and economic impact.

At your service,

Jason Loeb


Letter from the Chairman-November 30, 2011

Time to finalize your wish lists – the holidays are here. I always love this time of year, as it reminds me of all I have to be thankful for. But why reserve gratitude for the month of December? Wouldn’t it be great if everyone maintained the warm-and-fuzzy holiday spirit year-long?

Spirit is the backbone of everything. It’s what drives us to work, pursue our passions and connect with each other. People identify not with your product or services, but with the culture of the organization. Business comes with a lot of responsibilities, but any good company should also mind its social responsibility to the community in which it thrives. The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce is certainly an organization with plenty of spirit, enabling us to see huge impacts in so many sectors. This year, I urge you to direct some of that powerful spirit to giving.

Even small acts given with sincerity and purpose can make a huge difference. Select a cause that is aligned with your organization’s mission, and therefore more likely close-to-heart for everyone within. Giving comes in all forms – discover the real needs to fulfilling your cause and get as creative as you want, whether it be monetary or time donations, partnerships, or sustainable programs. Most importantly, get your people involved. Allowing them to use their talents and skills for a greater cause can renew their passion for work and uplift the overall human spirit of your organization. As I mentioned above, ongoing and continued philanthropic support is so much more impacting than larger one-off moments.

I’ll close with a fond farewell to 2011, but also a spirited welcome to 2012. May it be filled with even greater achievements and fulfilling moments that we’re so proud to have experienced thus far, but may we also  reciprocate our good fortunes with our support of community causes.

A safe and wonderful holiday to all!

At your service,

Jason Loeb

Letter from the Chairman November 17, 2011

As with every organization, it’s the people that breathe life into the mission. However, maximizing its supporting initiatives always requires a little money (well actually, quite a bit of it). Here, at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, we’re continuing to come up with ideas to better our businesses and community – and funding is a crucial source in implementing them. Recently, a number of our members have not only dedicated their time and passion to the organization, but also significant monetary investments. One of my initial goals upon becoming Chairman was to establish a special recognition level for these individuals. A year later, I’m happy to announce the installment of the Chairman’s Circle.

The Chairman’s Circle aims to give added value back to members/companies that invest $10,000 or more to the Chamber. Our largest financial supporters receive invitations to four quarterly dinners to discuss important and relevant community topics and share key insights. This is also an opportune time to discuss their individual ideas and garner support as they try and grow their respective businesses.  My vision for this Chairman’s Circle is not only to generate business and growth for Miami Beach, but also enhance the Chamber’s position on a national scale. The Chairman’s Circle membership also includes Chamber website advertising.

These individual donations are substantially more than we’ve ever received before and are critical to helping us carry out our mission to provide the best infrastructure in which to live, work and enjoy. I look forward sharing my enthusiasm with this elite group. If you are interested in learning more about or joining the Chairman’s Circle, please call Ana Cecilia Velasco at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce at (305) 674-1300.

At your service,

Jason Loeb